Shining Star Madison S. is blossoming!

Madison S. Is A Shining STAR!
Madison S. Is A Shining STAR!

A Wayne County Keystone STAR 3 program, Myrtis's Preschool and Creative Learning Center, allows Madison's natural inquisitiveness to blossom in an environment that supports her ever-present curiosity.

When our granddaughter, Madison, came to live with us in October 2010 at the age of 26 months, she was a quiet toddler with an inquisitive mind who had little consistent structure in which to blossom. The minute we visited Myrtis's Preschool and CLC, we knew it was a special place due to the loving environment, structured schedule, and early childhood curriculum it provided. Madison was excited to attend school and the opportunity to learn.

From day one, Madison has enjoyed going to school daily and learning how to identify her letters and numbers. She has loved books since she was an infant, but within six months of starting school she developed a greater fascination for words and has wanted to learn to how to read ever since. She asks how to spell words and what words in books mean. She points to words and wants to know what they say. She even plays "school" and writes letters on a whiteboard easel to "teach" her grandparents how to say and write letters.

In addition to Madison's rapidly expanding literacy skills, she has come a long way in her social development as a result of her attendance at Myrtis's Preschool and CLC. She began as a shy and sometimes withdrawn little girl but has since developed into a more outgoing child who enjoys participating in the various activities the center provides.

The teachers are diligent in maintaining structure, modeling expected behavior, and providing positive reinforcements. Madison will often repeat lessons learned on manners and getting along with others. Being among other students has taught her how to share, take turns, and be kind.

Madison has increased in her development in so many ways as a result of attending Myrtis's Preschool and CLC consistently. She can count on preschool being available to her, allowing her natural inquisitiveness to now blossom in an environment that supports her ever present curiosity.

Nominated by: Beth T. (Grandmother of Madison S)


And now a note from the Director of Myrtis's Preschool and Creative Learning Center:

I first became a participant of the Keystone Stars Program in 2004. The program has provided my staff and me with the means to make continuous quality improvements in all domains of quality child care and education. It has brought about reflection and change in classroom environments, parent involvement, education and business practices.

I have chosen all of these nominees because the Stars program has helped all these children grow and develop in their cognitive, social-emotion, motor, creative, language, mathematical, scientific, health, and community skills. I've seen and experienced all of these children conquer great milestones and I truly believe the Keystone Stars has played a great part in their success. All children are shining stars and it is a comfort to know that our state takes pride in providing them and our center with the best possible outlets to make each and every one successful now and for years to come.

Myrtis Podejko


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