Elijah is a Prodigy Learning Center Shining Star!

A Philadelphia County Keystone STAR 3 provider shares how one young boy has become a Shining Star through helping others!

Elijah Bryant is a Prodigy Learning Center Shining Star!

Elijah B. has been nominated as a Shining Star by his teacher Lindsey Sosa and the director Christine Viteo at Prodigy Learning Center in Philadelphia. According to Ms. Sosa:

"Because Keystone STARS encourages children to make their own choices, Elijah has developed leadership qualities.

He often encourages others to make good choices and never follows others' wrong decisions. Elijah's intelligence, inquisitiveness and outgoing personality are a few of the qualities that Keystone STARS has helped Elijah to develop.

Keeping teachers up to date on training and requiring them to follow Early Learning Standards has helped Elijah receive an education that allowed him to exceed 1st grade expectations. Classroom arrangement and upkeep of educational materials also helped Elijah develop a love for exploring and learning through play.

Elijah is wonderful to have in class. He is helpful and follows directions nicely. Elijah is able to work independently and in groups to complete his work. He enjoys doing the right thing and responds well to positive reinforcement. Elijah gets along well with others and is well liked by his peers. He is a great role model to other students in his class."


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