Angels to Shining Star Angie

Angie C. attends the Butler County Children's Center (BCCC), a Keystone STAR 4 program in Butler County. I cannot thank BCCC enough for changing (and helping) my daughter, Angie.

In April 2011, she lost her Daddy tragically. They were best friends. He was a stay-at-home Dad, so Angie never attended day care before.

Since she started attending, almost a year ago now, I have seen so many positive changes. Her socialization, communication and all around skills have shown growth. BCCC has brought Angie out of her "shell" and helped her to become the very friendly, happy, and most of all "smart" girl that she is.

The staff at BCCC is fantastic and Angie loves and trusts all of them, as do I.

I do not know what we would have done without the Butler County Children's Center. They are a blessing, all of the staff.

The structured program leaves room for fun and growth in children.

The way my daughter has changes and excelled the past year fills my heart with love and hope for her.

Thank you all at Butler County Children's Center!

Kim C., Mother of Angie, Butler County


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