PA Pre-K Counts Teacher Heather Raisman at Paley Early Learning Center, a Keystone STAR 4 facility in Philadelphia, has nominated Jaydan T. as a Shining Star.

Jaydan Torres is a Philadelphia Shining Star!

Here is what Heather says about Jaydan:

Jaydan came into my classroom in September with limited language skills and little experience in socializing. Following routines and being a part of a classroom were uncharted territory for Jaydan. I am happy to say that Jaydan is speaking in complete sentences now and is starting conversations with everyone he meets. In fact, he now enjoys saying hello to each person that enters our classroom and sharing with them the exciting events of the day. Jaydan is eager to come to school each morning and jumps right into each activity that we are doing with a smile on his face.

Jaydan is in a PA Pre-K Counts classroom in a Keystone STAR 4 facility and has a support staff that reinforces concepts taught in the classroom and gives him extra assistance. This team consists of a Special Instructor, Speech Therapist, and Occupational Therapist that visit the classroom each week. His teachers at Paley work hand in hand with the support staff and we encourage him to succeed.
Jaydan's loving and caring personality was able to emerge as he found his spot in our classroom.

Starting in September I noticed Jaydan had trouble transitioning from one activity to another. Therefore I decided to use a warning bell for clean up, alerting him when there was only 10 minutes left of play. Within a month, Jaydan understood that he would have to clean up and that another activity was coming. He would say "ok, I'll play later," as he heard the bell ringing. This was a huge breakthrough for Jaydan.

As he began to follow rules and routines, he became a part of the classroom life and began making friends. Once he began expressing himself and was encouraged to talk to the other children, learning to share became easier. In fact, now Jaydan doesn't mind if another child asks to use one of his toys. On days when he does get frustrated, his friends and teachers are there to help him out and he willingly takes our advice.

Additionally, Jaydan has become very affectionate, making sure he hugs each teacher before he says goodbye. He has even made a best friend in our classroom! These things may seem like simple events but to Jaydan they have made a world of difference. These changes have opened Jaydan's eyes to a world around him that he didn't know existed!


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