Mom nominates 8-year old Bethany T. a Montgomery County Shining Star

BethanyTa-Montgo toddlerMy daughter Bethany T. attended Montgomery Early Learning Centers-Norristown Site from the time that she was 8 weeks old. When she started the program, I was nervous leaving my newborn infant for the first time but the teachers in the Infant Room made me and my daughter feel so comfortable and at ease with the program. As days went by I began to realize that my daughter formed an attachment with these teachers and as a surprise to me, so did I. The teachers helped my child reach all of her milestones and then some. The toddler teachers gave her the confidence to not be shy and to be independent and deal with all situations that came her way. By the time that she reached the preschool classroom, Bethany was ready to take on the world. She became a leader amongst her friends and was never afraid to try anything or say what was on her mind. When she learned a new lesson quickly the teachers encouraged her by giving her more challenges. The teachers at Montgomery Early Learning Centers understood how to individualize for my child’s desire to learn.

Bethany Ta-Montgo preschoolDuring her years at Montgomery Early Learning Centers, Bethany formed bonds of friendships that to this day are still strong. Bethany also has great memories of her teachers and lives for the days that she can visit and spend a few minutes with them. One of those teachers that she has “Remember when” stories of is with Mr. Joedy. Bethany adored him and his name was always present at our dinner table. Mr. Joedy challenged her mind as well as her desire for physical activity. She really enjoyed her walks and time at the park climbing or playing a new game. Mr. Joedy made it easy and fun for Bethany to come to school every day.

When Bethany first started Montgomery Early Learning Centers- Norristown Site, it was a STAR 1 facility. When she left and went to Kindergarten it was a STAR 4 facility. As a parent, it was amazing to see the center grow and transform into the amazing program that it is today. In August 2009, Bethany left this program and went to Kindergarten. If I hadn’t already known what a great job they did with educating and loving Bethany, I learned it on Back to School night when her Kindergarten school teacher asked me what preschool she attended. When I told the teacher MELC, he said “that’s what we thought.” Bethany is now an 8 year old second grade student. She is shining example of what child care with the support of Keystone Stars can do to prepare children for the future.

Bethany Ta-Montgo 2nd gradeJacqueline T., Bethany’s mom, Montgomery County


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