Adan is advanced in his language and communication skills thanks to Keystone STARS

AdanVe-PhilaMy name is Brenda S., I am the parent of Adan who is a very energetic 2-year old and is turning 3 years old in April. My son had been with a private sitter since he was 6 weeks old; when he was 2 the sitter informed me that she could no longer babysit my son due to health reasons. Hearing the news I was devastated, my son had grown attached and I did not know how as a single parent I would be able to afford daycare.

I began my daycare search in May 2011 and visited many daycares but I was not impressed with any of them. I finally entered a Keystone STARS center, and I was very impressed by the curriculum and the facility, but unfortunately, they were not taking any new students. The director of the school told me about a new daycare that opened and that it was also a Keystone STARS program called Creative Learning Environment, she also spoke very highly of John Jason the director.

I immediately went to visit the facility and was welcomed with open arms; I met the teacher Ms. Kim, and was impressed by her credentials. The facility was very clean and well organized and the price was reasonable compared to other daycares I had visited. I enrolled my son Adan, and he started the following week. I was afraid of how the transition would affect him but was pleasantly surprised to find that he adjusted quickly with the help of the teachers. I was having concerns with my son’s eating habits and sensitivity issues and Ms. Kim quickly kept track of Adan’s progress and she suggested that I call Child Link for an evaluation because she became concerned with his difficult eating habits and the increase of his sensitivity issues. The evaluation was performed and everything turned out to be fine. They were very impressed with his learning ability and problem solving skills that he represented at such a young age.

I am so very happy that I have my son enrolled in the STAR 2 Creative Learning Environment and the Keystone STARS program, he has learned so much and is advance in his language and communication skills. I really appreciate the time Mr. Jason and the teachers take in making sure the kids are always learning. They show me every day how much they care for my son and will call me if they have any concerns at all.

Brenda S., Adan’s mom, Philadelphia County


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