Gavin E. shines thanks to terrific teachers at STAR 4 program

GavinEb-AdamsIt was only a few days until Gavin’s first day of preschool at Saint James Childcare, a STAR 4 program. He was filled with the excitement and wonder typical of all 3 year old children. He couldn’t wait to start school like his big brother, Gage. That was, until he found out that I would not be staying at school with him. His wonder and excitement transformed into anxiety and apprehension. I knew it would be a tough transition for him to make, since he was used to staying at home throughout the day.

We counted down the days together, and soon it had arrived… Gavin’s first day of school! We watched as big brother Gage climbed on the bus and headed for Kindergarten. Then we headed for preschool. As we walked through the classroom door, Gavin’s eyes grew wide, and his grip on my leg grew tight. I could see that he longed to play with the other children, but he stuck to me like Velcro. We said our goodbyes and Gavin clung even tighter. His new teacher, Ms. Nichole, spoke softly to Gavin, calming him. She gently peeled him from me and cradled him in her arms. Tears welled up in his eyes as I walked out the door. Hoping that this would somehow get easier for both of us.

And it did. The staff at Saint James were excellent at comforting Gavin and making him feel welcome and loved. Slowly he adjusted, and within a few visits, he was bounding into the classroom ready to start his day.

Not only has the staff at Saint James helped Gavin overcome his separation anxiety, but they have also helped him develop socially, become excited about learning, and grow religiously, as well.

Gavin has learned how to form relationships with friends and interact more cooperatively with other children his age. He understands his emotions more, and is better at using his words when he is upset. Since he started preschool at Saint James, Gavin has blossomed socially, and is more outgoing.

Educationally, Gavin has made some great strides. He has mastered shapes and colors, learned to count, and has really become interested in learning to read. He loves to “read” books to anyone who will listen.

One of my favorite areas of Gavin’s growth would be in religion. He learned prayers at Saint James, and sometimes even reminds us to pray. We love to listen to him sing us bible songs and tell us “stories about Jesus” that he has learned.

Overall, Gavin has made some great improvements in many areas since he began preschool. While it may have been a difficult and emotional transition, it was certainly well worth it.

Nicole E., Gavin’s mom, Adams County


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