Northampton County parents and teachers partner to make Gillian H. a Shining Star

GillianHo-NorthamptonMost preemies are expected to be delayed until they are 2 years corrected not chronological age. However, when people first meet our little one, they would never believe that she was born premature. We can confidently say that we owe a great deal of her success to the caregivers at Lehigh Valley Children’s Centers, Stones Crossing. At 12 months, Gillian was thriving and surpassing all expectations. Now, as we approach her second birthday, we are proud to see that our beautiful daughter is right on track with her peers and excelling in her fine motor skills. Gillian is learning at an accelerated pace and we are often amazed with the new skills she picks up at school.

We are most pleased with the consistency and positive correction techniques used by her teachers as she learns appropriate social skills with her peers. She is learning positive ways to communicate when she gets upset and through the use of positive redirection they are laying the groundwork for her learning right from wrong. We have always had high praise for the skill and compassion shown to our child by her caregivers and we are able to see her display the same compassion and caring to others. She is often the first to offer hugs of comfort to her friends and family when they express hurt. Right before our eyes, she is growing into a social and compassionate little girl.

We are thankful every day for the professionals at Leigh Valley Children’s Center Stones Crossing location. They are dedicated, educated and have been a great source of practical suggestions, perspective and support. They are truly partners in parenting for us and we will always be thankful that we chose them to be a part of our child’s first years.

Jason H., Gillian’s dad, Northampton County


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