Jadelyn is aSpark that Shines!

JadelynBo-IndianaI am proud to nominate my daughter, Jadelyn, as a Shining STAR. She is currently enrolled at Learning Lamp at the Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center (GJCTC), a Keystone STAR 4 program, since August of 2011 for kindergarten readiness.

I have seen firsthand how much my five-year-old has grown academically and independently; as well as, her social and communication skills have improved tremendously over an eight month time span. To tell you a little bit about Jadelyn; she is very shy around others but slowly warms up when comfortably in your presence. When initially starting Learning Lamp, she cried and did not want me to leave. There were times she darted behind me, trying to hide and clinging onto my legs like a monkey. Overcoming her shyness was quite a battle; but with a little encouragement from her teachers, she would soon blossom.

Furthermore, Learning at GJCTC would became a Keystone STARS Level 4 designation in October 2011—earning the highest rating possible for the best quality child care/early learning program. As a result, I am very pleased with the education Jadelyn is receiving. To name a few skills that she learned with the help of Miss Karen are as follows:

  • Writes first name legibly
  • Identifies all shapes and colors
  • Recognizes first and last name
  • Sorts and classifies objects
  • Identifies all upper & lower case letters
  • Comprehends and retells a story
  • Counts and identifies numbers
  • Recognizes, continues and create patterns

Miss Amanda assisted as well; however, she also made Jadelyn feel special. Her love for teaching and working with children is sincere. “I love Miss Amanda. She is beautiful. I want to be like her when I grow up,” says Jadelyn.

JadelynBo-Indiana artAs for Mr. Mark, he lends a hand to make beautiful art activities to treasure. He is fun, playful and makes you laugh. He is very well-liked by all the children. These three, in particular, teachers have made an impact on Jadelyn. Without the help of them; Jadelyn would not be, where she is now.

In the light of Jadelyn’s learning ability, she is also active and involved. She has been a gymnast since the age of three at Sharon’s School of Dance and Gymnastics (SSD&G); and was featured in their 2011 yearbook for ringing bells for Salvation Army Kettle Campaign. In addition, she picked up litter in our community; bought a toy and then donated it to Toys for Tots. She has an inner peace that shines.

All in all, Jadelyn is ready to conquer kindergarten. With the help of Keystone STARS, she has reached her promise. All thanks to Learning Lamp at GJCTC; Jadelyn is a Spark that Shines!

Amy B, Jadelyn’s mom, Indiana County


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