Brienna’s Light Shines Bright at Children’s Discovery Center in Snyder County

BriennaUl-SnyderThanks to Children’s Discovery Center in Selinsgrove, Brienna’s shining star is bright! Brienna, our smart, lovable and funny child has a special sweetness that draws people in. She tends to be very shy and takes time to warm up to new situations. Brienna’s story is one of adjustment and growth. Brienna was home with Mom or Dad for the first 16 months of her life. It was time for Brie to go to a child care program and we had the daunting task of finding the right place for her to be safe, cared for, have fun and learn something new every day as well as meeting our philosophy and goals.

She started her journey at a STAR 2 family home provider where she was safe and well cared for; also helping advance her motor skills, coordination and improve her social skills. We learned the provider was closing to begin a new career. Keeping our top priorities in mind, we decided to try Children’s Discovery Center, a STAR 4 program. They have caring, qualified staff, a family friendly atmosphere, many learning opportunities and play time. Director, Miss Joanne, is very approachable and encourages families to advocate for their children. At three years old, her first teacher, Miss Terrie, helped Brie adjust to more kids, larger space, lots of noise, new adults to care for her and being away from Mom and Dad. She loved singing songs, and still sings many of the songs today.

It was time for her to move on again - not from the Center, but to the four-year-old classroom. Brie “visited” the classroom several times before officially moving. Miss Julie became her new teacher and helped Brie feel right at home. Brie enjoyed showing off writing her name, learning her address and making crafts. She especially liked playing with her “best buddy”, playing in the water table and parties. It was time for another transition to the five-year-old room. Since she was still four, we were not sure she could handle this change mainly because she would have to leave her “best buddy” and again step out of her comfort zone into a new environment. Her new teacher, Miss Kathy prepares children for starting school academically, personally and socially. Brie enjoyed looking at bugs under a magnifying glass, tasting the difference between sweet and sour, making a homemade dog bone and dealing with more challenging situations. As we learned, these transitions were not only to help Brie transition to school but to also help us transition as well. It is hard to see our baby grow up, but wonderful to see her blossom into the Shining Star that she is. Thanks Children’s Discovery Center!

Karen and Daryl U., Brienna’s parents, Snyder County


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