Chester County parents, teachers, work as a team to help Alex M. Shine

AlexMa - DelawareAlex M. began at our STAR 4 Aardvark Child Care and Preschool when he was 2 years old. His verbal skills and curiosity were apparent from early on, however he was easily frustrated and used his hands to express himself. At one point when Alex was three he was frustrated and lashed out at a peer. When calmly discussing his choice to hit and reminding him to use his words he cried “I don’t know – it doesn’t work!”

Alex is now 5 years old. The program, his parents, the teachers, and Alex have all transformed as the center progressed within the Keystone STARS program and he has benefitted by being in a STAR 4 facility. We have all worked as a team and grown together.

The teachers were able to identify at an early age that Alex would benefit from assistance with his impulse issues and low frustration levels. Alex’s parents were essential to the process of identifying and addressing his individual needs. Had it not been for his parents’ openness and respect for our analysis, Alex could have easily been labeled a disruptive child.

Parents and children sometimes move from center to center seeking an appropriate fit. Many times, had the parents been able to accept expressed concerns and worked with the teachers, the child would have entered into elementary school ready and able to learn. All too often our youngest children who do not receive the individualized care they need enter school at a disadvantage.

Due to the commitment of Alex’s parents and teachers he has blossomed in the program and he has learned the necessary tools to make good choices. He has learned to use his words and his conflict resolution skills have greatly improved. While in the process of providing an individualized curriculum for Alex it was discovered that he had a sensory issue. Although he did not qualify for Early Intervention his parents addressed his needs through Theraplay. Their continued support for his well-being uncovered the need for occupational therapy which supported his continued development.

Alex is a happy and well-adjusted child who will certainly succeed in elementary school! He is so intelligent and capable of working in a group. This is undoubtedly due to the receptiveness of his parents and the teacher’s sensitivity to his individual needs. Alex now is able to understand his impulse issues and has the tools to express himself aptly. Alex confidently stated “when I go to school I am gonna learn math that has letters, I am even gonna figure out what an X means!” Alex is prepared and ready to enter elementary school and we are confident we will hear great things about him in the future! Alex is our Shining Star and so are his parents!

Joanne Drinkard, Alex’s teacher, Chester County


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