Luzerne County’s Treyvon G. a Shining Star

Treyvon G. is currently enrolled in the Preschool 2 room at STAR 4 King’s/ST. Mary’s Hildenbrandt Learning Center. There are two preschool rooms at the center and Treyvon has been in both rooms. The teachers of both preschool rooms discussed who would be best to accept this award. All four teachers agreed that the child who has benefitted the most from our center is Treyvon. Treyvon has displayed tremendous growth in our center, especially socially and emotionally.

When Treyvon entered the center his mother, Colleen, was aware of Treyvon’s temperament and how it was affecting him socially and emotionally. The teachers worked with Colleen and Treyvon to provide the best care that could help him grow and develop, especially in the areas of concern. Colleen set goals from Treyvon when he began at the center and two of those goals were interacting well with others and helping him with this temper. Knowing these goals helped the teachers provide specific help with these issues. As a result of the care of the teacher throughout our center Treyvon blossomed and began showing improvements.

Treyvon is now four years old and has many skills that have helped him conquer these problems. He is now showing comfort with independence and competence in expressing his feelings. Treyvon now uses his words to explain how he is feeling and what the problem is that he is dealing with. He also has increased his ability to manage his own behavior and regulate his own emotions. He has found techniques and strategies that help him calm down and talk about his feelings. He is even learning new strategies from the center’s PATHS curriculum. Twiggle the Turtle has taught Treyvon how to express his feelings with others and how to respond to other children’s feelings.

The teachers, curriculum, and help from Treyvon’s family have helped him develop social skills that help him describe his needs and wants. Treyvon has made many friends in this center and has a very strong relationship with many. Without Colleen and his teachers this may not have been possible. Colleen has made a great effort to always communicate her concerns for Treyvon with all of the staff as well as attend meetings and participate in events to help Treyvon. The care of all of the individuals in Treyvon’s life has facilitated his growth in the areas of concern. All of the staff at King’s/St. Mary’s Hildebrandt Learning Center are proud of Treyvon for his development in these areas and everyone who has witness this in his life should be proud as well.

Amy Frederick, teacher, Luzerne County


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