Blair County STAR 4 program gives Bronson chance to reach for the Stars!

BronsonWh-BlairMy son, Bronson has had a wonderful opportunity to grow here at Lily Pond. He has benefitted so much from the learning environment. Being a Keystone STAR 4 program Lily Pond has given my child opportunities to make choices and try to REACH for his goals! I am so pleased with this program and how they truly show interest and care about my child and his development.

Lily Pond has such a nurturing, loving environment giving both a structured setting and free time. It’s always exciting to hear about how he participated each day, about the interactions he has had with his friends and teachers. He is always eager to tell me about activities, games or something that he did that day! Plus, he can’t wait to go home each day and proudly display his artwork or writing activity that he had completed somewhere in the house. Bronson looks forward to going every day. It will be sad when we have to move on to kindergarten.

Bronson has developed so much from the program at Lily Pond from the relationships and experiences that he has had, creating friendships with his classmates, having teachers like Ms. Dee and Miss Tamara who genuinely care about his development and let me know how he is doing and if there are any issues we need to work on. Bronson has learned so much, not just letters and numbers, but even more. He has learned how to socialize with other children.

It’s also great to know that the door is always open… they always have the time to listen or discuss with me any concerns or issues that I may have. My involvement is always encouraged and it’s a wonderful feeling to know that I can be a part of my child’s growth!

Michael W., father, Blair County


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