Northampton County STAR 4 program helps Carmine and Natalia shine

My children Natalia and Carmine Picone are Shining Stars because of the Keystone STARS program. Lehigh Valley Children’s Center at Fowler, a STAR 4 program, has excellent teachers who stand by my children to provide them with great achievements. For example, my son Carmine had difficulty speaking and pronouncing words. His teachers worked with him every day learning different words sometime in different languages. Before you know it, our concerns with his vocabulary were nonexistent. My daughter Natalia has also picked up on her vocabulary as well.

I think through this program they have each became very independent. As parents Nate and I have also been very supportive of how the teachers maintain their classroom. We try to imitate their strategy like clean up time, days of the week and washing hands before meals. This program is great because it mentally prepares your child for what lies ahead.

Vanessa and Nate P., parents, Northampton County


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