Shining Star Wilainy becomes a butterfly!

In the BCIU Child Care, Wilainy goes through a metamorphosis to become a beautiful butterfly!

Our Shining Star-Wilainy Diaz-Rivera

Wilainy D. entered our classroom in October of 2010 as a 3 year old. She entered with her binky in her mouth and tears in her eyes. She certainly didn't want to stay in "this place" and definitely didn't want to give up that binky. She had difficulty separating from her Mom and spent lots of time throughout her beginning days wandering around the room "doing her own thing" without regard for teacher directed activities or class rules. It was not uncommon for Wilainy to simply get up in the middle of our circle time, wander to the kitchen area, and begin to play. She danced to her own beat, and demonstrated little interest in teacher directed activities. Over time, Wilainy began to engage with her peers and forged friendships within our classroom. This was a beginning point for Wilainy's metamorphosis.

As time passed, Wilainy became a "social butterfly" within our classroom. I attribute much of her success to peer modeling and interactions as well as staff facilitation. Staff worked diligently to facilitate peer modeling, interactions and to put strategies in place to guide Wilainy toward success in a preschool classroom. We used picture rules, verbal prompts, and provided a variety of new experiences to motivate Wilainy. She responded to all of these things over time.

Wilainy has grown leaps and bounds academically, socially, and developmentally since that time. You should see her now...she reminds others of circle rules, identifies letters and words associated with letters, counts with 1 to 1 correspondence, and participates with enthusiasm in group activities. She is also making connections and associations between experiences everywhere around her. One of her favorite things to do is discover rhyming words. She makes daily announcements when hearing rhyming words.

Did I mention Wilainy is learning to speak Chinese? Well, she is and she is quite good at it. We are fortunate enough to have a Chinese teacher visit our room 3 days a week. Wilainy is tuned in during her visits. Not only have her verbal skills improved in English, she is learning a second language too.

Finally, Wilainy's vivid imagination and developed verbal skills have made her "queen of the dramatic play area". She comes alive and animated during her time in this area. She frequently invites staff to her "salon" to get a massage, get their nails painted, and sometimes a new hairdo as well. When she's not at "the salon" working you can find her with a purse over her shoulder, carrying a baby, and talking on her cell phone. It's her favorite place to be!

All of this being said; with the guidance of caring, nurturing, well trained staff and the love and support of her Mom, Wilainy has exceeded expectations and is enthusiastically participating in a Keystone STAR 3 preschool environment.

As for that binky and those tears, Wilainy doesn't need them anymore. She is a Shining Star now!

Wiliany was nominated as a Keystone STARS Shining Star by her preschool teacher, Vicki Smith.


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