Lycoming County sisters Molly and Megan G. are Shining Stars

MeganGa-LycomingThe Early Childhood Learning Center has helped our daughters Molly and Megan develop a strong sense of self and a desire to learn. Molly went to ECLC when she turned three years of age. This was the first time she was in a classroom and around a large group of children. The staff at ECLC made her transition smooth and easy. When Molly was four years old she developed sensitivity issues with socks, shoes and clothing. Her Pre-K teacher, Ms. Tammy went above and beyond to help Molly deal with these issues. Ms. Tammy also understood Molly’s shyness and took the extra time to draw Molly out of her shell. This special caring from Ms. Tammy and the rest of ECLC helped Molly make a seamless transition to Kindergarten. Molly often speaks fondly of her time at ECLC and enjoys traveling with us to pick up Megan. We truly believe much of Molly’s early success in Kindergarten is directly attributable to her days at ECLC.

Our youngest daughter Megan started at ECLC when she was two and a half years old. The staff at ECLC quickly recognized how much Megan loved to learn. Everyone involved helped Megan adjust to being in a school setting. We experienced no troubles when Molly graduated and Megan was there without her older sister.

MollyGa-LycomingEvery day Megan brings home stories about her activities at school. She is eager to share what she learned at school. Her written and oral language skills are highly developed for her age and we attribute this to her day at ECLC. She is also starting to show some aptitude for mathematics and drawing. While these interests may seem diverse, we could not be happier that her school gives all children the time and opportunity to explore these varied interests. Megan is now more social and outgoing than ever. Her interrelationships with other children are strong and positive. We attribute much of this to the efforts of the ECLC staff. Many times we have seen the teachers create active learning centers in their rooms. This space encourages children to work and play together. The benefits are cross-cultural and allow boys and girls to interact with one another as they build skills they will surely use as they become older.

Our extended family has also noticed how well our daughters are progressing academically. We as parents do what we can at home to nurture these gifts. We cannot help but feel thankful and even lucky we found the ECLC, where what she learns at home is paired with such a solid learning environment outside the home. Now more than ever caregivers, teachers, and parents all help touch the lives of our children. This interaction has a tremendous effect on any child and we feel fortunate and thankful to have the staff of the Early Childhood Learning Center in our lives and on our side helping us to raise our children to be active learners and good young citizens.

Marcy and Joe G., parents, Lycoming County


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