Delaware County mom nominates Rachel J. a Shining Star

I would like to nominate my daughter Rachel J. as a Shining Star because of her love of reading and the strong literacy foundations she received at St. Stephen's Daycare and Afterschool Program, a Star 3 Center in North East Philadelphia. The center she attended cultivated in her a love of learning and especially a love for reading. Rachel was fortunate to be able to attend St. Stephen’s from the time she was 4 months old, she also had the added privilege of having her father as the Center Director. The Center always had an emphasis on quality and was even nominated by the South East Regional Key as the Center of the year in 2009. The Center had a very high emphasis on literacy and older school age children were always given an opportunity to read to the younger ones. Rachel was able to read by the time she was four and always enjoyed reading to the class. Rachel currently attends Creative Learning Environments, a Star 2 Center in North East Philadelphia, and whenever possible still reads to the younger children. Rachel has an older sibling who is going to attend college in the fall and enjoyed joining the family for college visits and dinner table conversations about college. So it came as no surprise that Rachel mentioned to the family one day that she wanted to “do early childhood in college, so that I can be able to run Dad’s Center”!!

Rachel currently attends the Penn Delco School District where they have Scholastic’s “Reading Counts!” Program. Rachel had originally set a goal for herself at the beginning of the year to achieve 70 points for the school year. She achieved 100 points by January and was selected the Student of the Month for “Effort”. She is currently at 216 points having read 243,793 words. I strongly believe that the success Rachel is achieving at school is because she participated in a Keystone STARS Program

Karen J., Rachel’s mother, Delaware County


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