Bucks County STAR 3 program nominates Calecia G. a Shining Star

CaleciaGa-BucksFrom Calecia –

I would say that my first favorite teacher was Ms. G., in kindergarten. Ms. G. gave me the self-confidence that I needed by always encouraging me to try new things and she taught me cooperation. She made me feel that I was an important asset to our class. She would sign out reminders like “you always have to be kind,” “you always have to try,” and “you should always try to cooperate!” Ms. G. helped me improve my attitude towards school. When I would do a good job, Ms. G. would tell me so. She encouraged me with “high fives,” gold stars and stickers. Ms. G. helped me to enjoy and appreciate the times spent in school with my friends.

Ms. G. and Ms. Zoya helped me to overcome my need for special attention. I was not a big fan of group activities unless it was something that I wanted to do. If it was not, I would not join in, but I would go out of my way to ruin their fun. It took the patience, kindness, understanding and guidance of these teachers to learn empathy and respect for others.

Ms. G. knew that my favorite show to watch was “Dora.” She would reference to the many episodes when teaching new concepts such as math, reading, spelling and problem solving. I believe that all of these dynamics helped me to become the student I am today.

I have continued to blossom under the guidance of the teachers in our before/after school program here at Rising Stars. Being the youngest in my 4th grade class, I work hard to remain at the top of my class each year. The teachers here help me with my reading, spelling and math and help me every day with my homework. I believe that my early experiences here are a credit to my success now.

Ms. Zoya has been a great help to my family. She makes time to explain and help my mom fill out important school forms. She also helped my parents through the process of getting outside professional help for my younger sister. Every day Ms. Zoya provides transportation form our bus stop to rising Stars so my parents can finish their work day. We enjoy home-cooked meals when we arrive. The food at Rising Stars is delicious! The dishes served here are Russian, American and sometimes Mexican cuisine. It's like going around the world, but staying in one place. I want to say that the teachers have done so much for me and I thank them.

At Rising Stars my family has been very supportive during special school activities, classroom celebrations and performances that I have enjoyed being part for five years. I am learning how to play the piano with Ms. Zoya. I am a member of my elementary school choir. I enjoyed performing during the talent show and being a part of the special shows at school. Ms. Zoya showed me how much fun it is to sing and act! I am a volunteer PE (physical Ed) helper. My responsibility is to help others to enjoy the gross motor equipment while keeping them safe. I really like my science classes. We are currently learning how to create electricity. I have learned what elements are in metal and I know what can cause magnetism. Our next subject will be water! I can't wait! I feel very happy and honored that Ms. Zoya chose me as her SHINING STAR!

From Zoya Feldman, Administrator and Linda Lee Sutor, Director-

I have nominated Calecia G. as a Shining Star because she is a kind and responsible girl. Calecia is always helping her mother, her sisters, her friends and her teachers. She never argues and tries to find solutions that work for everyone. Calecia is very talented with singing and musical abilities. Academically, she is very bright and takes her work very seriously. She always completes her assignments and makes the extra effort to do it extra well.

Calecia’s kindergarten teacher was Ms. G. and she was a good role model. She made a difference in Calecia’s life. She gave her the self-confidence that she needed. Calecia came to us in 2007 while we made our journey from Star 1 to STAR 3. Her teachers had many professional trainings to help all children to develop different skills. The STARS program helped us to earn grant money, which enabled us to put a safer surface on our playground. We also were able to purchase more learning materials and equipment for each of our 6 classrooms. Having more choices for the children helped Calecia to develop her excellent skills in reading, writing and math. She was 5 years old when she graduated from our kindergarten class and tested so well at her elementary school, that she was placed in 1st grade. Calecia has been at the top of her class each year despite being the youngest. Her report cards bring such joy to all of us and her family.

Calecia is still part of our before/after school program. She enjoys spending time with all of her friends here. She finishes her homework and then helps the younger children, including her sister Alecia, to complete theirs. She always lends a helping hand to the toddler teachers during transition times because her little sister Abby is part of that class. It gives me great joy to have such a nice partnership with the girl’s parents. They have a great interest in all of Calecia’s achievements. They appreciate all of the parent/teacher conferences, the daily updates at pick-up time and they attend the yearly productions at Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s Day/ Graduation and The Summer Camp Show to watch their daughter become the Shining Star that she is.


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