Mercer County STAR 2 program nominates Peyton M. a Shining Star

PeytonMe-MercerPeyton is a Shining Star because he has overcome many obstacles in his young life. Upon entering our center, Peyton barely spoke and was unable to eat solid foods. Peyton is now able to eat the same foods as his peers and verbally participates in conversation with peers, teachers, and family. Through the dedication of his family, assistance from Early Intervention and other therapy sources, and the dedicated staff of STAR 2 Creative Preschool, Peyton has become a shining star in his peer group.

Peyton enrolled in Creative Pre School and Day Care at the age of 2 ½. At that time, Peyton was struggling developmentally in the areas of eating, social interactions, and verbal skills. Peyton was already receiving services through outside agencies to assist in these areas of development. However, by becoming a part of a classroom of other children his age, Peyton was able to experience peer relationships, explore new tastes/foods/textures, and develop his verbal skills.

As a Keystone STAR 1 facility at the time, Creative Pre School and Day Care staff members were increasing their knowledge in developmentally appropriate practices, health and nutrition for children, and inclusion in the child care setting. Miss Alicia was Peyton’s teacher at the time. Her loving encouragement and guidance assisted in Peyton’s development and preparation to enter the preschool classrooms. Since that time Peyton has worked with many teachers at Creative Preschool and is currently enrolled in class with Miss Jen and Miss Kim and 15 other children headed to Kindergarten this fall.

While at the center, Peyton still receives services through the Early Intervention and Therapeutic Staff Support. All agencies involved are working cooperatively and striving to meet the needs of Peyton as well as his peers. At the moment Creative preschool and Day Care is a STAR 2 and working to earn a STAR 3. Staff members have learned a lot through educational opportunities provided by Keystone STARS, and have learned even more by having the opportunity to work with and learn from Peyton.

Peyton is an integral part of his classroom. He participates in conversations and verbalized his wants, needs and feelings. Peyton enjoys new experiences, art activities, and peer interactions. Creative Preschool has been very fortunate to have the chance to watch and be a part of the strides Peyton has made over the past three years. That is why we would like to nominate him as Creative Pre School and Day Care’s own Shining Star!

Diane Langon, director, Mercer County


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