ALL the Stars Will Be Out On Friday, April 27

Selected Wayne County Children Will Have Honesdale's Star Lit Up Just for Them

What better way to recognize a Shining STAR than to have Honesdale's own shining Christmas star lit just for them? Several young Wayne County children have been recognized as Shining STARS by their child care facility for their outstanding effort and achievement. On Friday evening, April 27, Honesdale's star on Irving Cliff will be lit for one night, just to recognize the young Shining STARS.Wayne County LEARN Meeting

In an effort to recognize the ten-year anniversary of the Keystone STARS program, teachers from Wayne County child care sites that participate in the Keystone STARS Quality Enhancement Program have nominated children from their programs who they feel are Shining STARS. The Wayne County Children's Coalition, Wayne County's local LEARN Team, is gathering together the Shining STAR nominees, their friends and families for a countdown celebration in Honesdale's Central Park.

States Michele Young, Program Director of the LEARN Team, "It's wonderful to be able to partner with Honesdale Borough to use the big, bright star mounted high on Irving Cliff as a way to recognize the achievements of these children. As we stand in Central Park, count down and wait for the star to be lit just for them, I hope that the children feel excited about all they can achieve. Children from across Pennsylvania are nominated as Shining STARS, but I feel very fortunate that our community is able to honor our own STARS in such a fun and special way."

Wayne County's list of Shining STARS includes Ian S., age 3, of Ventures In Learning in Hamlin. The first to be nominated, Ian was followed by Reagan Christine A., Thomas L. and Sage-Elizabeth Lilly Q., all of Hawley Treasure House. Giuliana C. and Reese C. of Beach Lake Free Methodist Child Care Center were also recognized by their teachers as Shining STARS.

Shining STARS from Myrtis's Preschool and Early Learning Center include Chase C. ,Christopher C., Andrew C., Trevor D., Bryce D., Isaiah G., Chase H., Gage L., Shamier L., Cailey M., Renee M., Samuel M., Anthony P., Connor R., Leighton R., Madison S., Camren T., Hailey T., Preston T., Jillian W., Dartanyan W. and Atreyu W.

The Shining STARS at Jaggars Group Child Care Home are Nevaeh B., Alaina B., Trey C., Marcus C., Anna C., Connor C., Addyson C., Garret D., Lucas F., Daven G., Katie I., Ryan I., Jackson M., Payton N., Madison P., Sawyer P., Jordan P., Michael R., Matthew T. and Nathan W..

Over the past 10 years, thousands of children have participated in Keystone STARS programs throughout the state. For some, this experience meant a safe and nurturing place to grow, for others, a place to address and overcome delays. For all children, participating in quality early education through Keystone STARS is helping them become the Shining Stars they deserve to be!

Started as a pilot program in 2002, Keystone STARS is proven to improve the quality of child care based on an independent study and offers parents a tool to gauge the quality of the programs they choose. Participating child care and Head Start programs earn a STAR 1 to STAR 4 level by meeting quality standards for teacher qualifications, learning environment and program management.

Since 2002, Keystone STARS has been instrumental in improving quality in child care programs; increasing quality and effectiveness of professional development for early childhood professionals and raising the bar for quality early childhood education in all settings. The percentage of preschoolers in Keystone STAR 3 and 4 programs with age-appropriate language, math and social skills doubled from beginning to end of the 2010-2011.

In Wayne County, 75% of regulated child care centers participate in Keystone STARS. That breaks down to 298 children under the age of 5 receiving care at a Keystone STARS sites.

The Wayne County Children's Coalition is Wayne County's local LEARN Team. Local Education and Resource Network (LEARN) Teams throughout the state assist families in making good choices about quality early learning for their children through building support networks in every county for organizations and individuals interested in quality early education. LEARN Teams bring together early childhood programs, families, school districts and child-serving organizations to assess what quality early learning programs are currently available in the community and to develop ways to encourage quality early learning for all children. To become a member of Wayne County's LEARN Team, or to find out resources that are available to preschool children and families, contact Michele Young, Program Director, at 570-253-9200, ext. 1616, or


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