Micah K. Shines thanks to Montgomery County STAR 4 program


The teachers at STAR 4 Children's Development Program help Micah overcome physical disabilities and love interacting with his peers.

I would like to introduce you to Micah Keller a shining star at Children’s Developmental Program. Micah came to Children’s Developmental Program (CDP) in August of 2009 several months before his third birthday. His parents chose CDP as Micah’s preschool and child care for several reasons. Micah was born with spina bifida. His parents wanted Micah to grow and learn with his peers. As an inclusive center CDP was able to offer an environment to make this happen. On a visit to the program they observed other children with disabilities participating in preschool activities with peers without disabilities. The activities allowed each child to participate at their own development level.

Micah has grown in so many ways. When he first came to CDP he was using a walker to navigate in his environment. As he grew and learned more skills he graduated to using crutches. Prior to coming to CDP Micah was social but would get upset and shy away when someone would approach him about his walker or crutches. Micah’s parents believe that the attitude of the staff and administration, and CDP’s mission have allowed him to grow and understand that he may be a little different but everyone is different in some way or another. At school and in the community his peers do not see him as different at all. The highly qualified staff at our center was able to help Micah find ways to participate in all activities despite his physical limitations. They continually strive to have Micah be as independent as possible. Even though Micah gets around using crutches he helps his friends at clean up time, washes his hand independently, plays ball in the play yard, and set up/cleans up his own lunch. The staff has worked closely with Micah’s physical therapist to ensure carryover of skills at school. Micah is a very outgoing young many who loves interacting with his peers. Micah has become so social and positive in his time at CDP that his parents often joke that when he retires he will be the best greeter Walmart ever hired.

Betsy Nilsen, Micah’s teacher, Montgomery County


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