Venango County mom nominates son Avery a Shining Star

AveryMi-VenangoAvery is a Shining Star to me because there is no one like him. He is bright, thoughtful, loving, affectionate and sensitive. He is empathetic and cares about others. He has matured into a wonderful five-year old that is ready for kindergarten.

Avery began attending Cranberry Child Development Centers when he was 20 months old. Before enrolling him there I met with the center director, Michelle, to ensure that he would be accepted there and not terminated for his “behavior.” For the first 20 months of my son’s life, Avery had a difficult daycare experience.

When I was searching for a new daycare, the director of the Cranberry Child Development Center took the time to discuss everything with me and was very educated on this matter. She made me feel at ease and assured me they would never terminate my son’s enrollment because of his behavior and would actually seek out interventions to assist in his behaviors.

The past two years Avery has been in the Mt. Lions Preschool classroom with Miss Kelly and Miss Tracy. His preschool teachers have been extremely understanding and cooperative in working with Avery and my family to meet his need and prepare him for kindergarten. We have been able to collaborate together and discuss and implement strategies and interventions that work best with Avery. The teachers were knowledgeable and recognized Avery’s unique needs. Miss Kelly referred Avery to CDC’s school psychologist and she was able to take the time to observe him and do an assessment. I was able to take his assessment so that he could receive services outside of preschool. Miss Kelly also made a referral to the Intermediate Unit (IU) and he is now able to have the IU come in to work with his social emotional skills. The preschool also has a social emotional curriculum that I feel Avery has benefitted from immensely.

It is amazing how much Avery has grown and matured in the past year. I don’t know if this would have been possible without caring, knowledgeable staff that Cranberry CDC offers. I know that Avery will be prepared for and do wonderful in Kindergarten. Most of all I am extremely proud of my son.

Michele M., mother, Venango County


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