Wyoming County teacher nominates Zahara H. a Shining Star

ZaharaHu-WyomingZahara H. is five years old in the PA Pre-K Counts and child care at the STAR 3 Tunkahannock Child Development Center. This is her second year in Pre-K Counts and has been part of the Keystone STARS program for almost three years. Zahara lives with her mother and 11-year old brother.

Zahara will be attending elementary school in the fall, and she is more than ready for kindergarten. Zahara is a very smart girl, and I believe that this STARS program has helped her to know and do the things she is capable of. With the help of the Creative Curriculum and high goals set for her, she has exceeded her potential and been given the skills needed to advance in school.

Zahara is always willing to help out in any way, whether it is a teacher or one of her classmates. She is always smiling and such a joy to have in class. I believe Zahara is a Shining Star and is more than deserving of this nomination.

Lacey Payne, Zahara’s teacher, Wyoming County


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