Natalie B. a Luzerne County Shining Star

As teachers of the Pre-Kindergarten classroom a STAR 4 Hildebrandt Learning Center, we would like to nominate Natalie B. for the Shining Star program for her excellence in the classroom setting.

Natalie has been with our center from infancy. She has had the opportunity to explore other classrooms because she had an older sister who attended our center as well. Natalie has built upon her cognitive and social skills as she graduated from each classroom. Now, finally being in Pre-kindergarten and in the last class before her Kindergarten adventure, she is a role model among all her classmates.

Natalie treats each child with equal respect and fairness. Her friends strive to achieve like her. Natalie always volunteers to help her teachers and also her classmates. She loves to have a leadership position and works hard at trying to facilitate respectful behavior in her Pre-K class.

Natalie has always respected the rules of her classroom and also the center. She is a terrific leader and makes sure the rules are being followed and enforced each day. She is also a curious child who is always excited to learn about new topics and engage in projects. After Natalie learns how to do something or learning something new, she will take that knowledge and pass it on to her classmates. She is always lending a hand to help other children who are struggling with a project or task.

Natalie shows her independence each day by following the classroom schedule with no reminders or assistance. Not only does she enjoy each project, she also extends her learning experience to her home. Her mother and father are very supportive by encouraging her to continue her school project outside the classroom and by providing the materials for her to do so. Natalie loves to each her sister and parents how to do projects she has learned at school.

From the age of 3, Natalie has always been a fantastic problem solver. She was the child in the class that would be willing to share a toy, just to make another child happy. In her present class, she does a wonderful job at helping others solve problems. Our center has recently started the PATHS program. This program is used to help children build upon their social and emotional development. Natalie listens very intently during each PATHS lesson and uses the ideas and techniques, if needed, with her friends. Being a problem solver also allows you to be empathic. Natalie has an ability to alter a situation before a child becomes upset.

We would like to nominate Natalie Bogdon, because we feel she is well deserving of the recognition. She is a child that always goes above and beyond and makes teaching a joy. Her eagerness to come to school and learn is spread throughout her friends and creates a fantastic atmosphere for learning and fun. We have watched Natalie grow and develop through each classroom at Hildebrandt Learning Center, and it makes us very proud to see her grow up into a shining star.

Mrs. Melissa Anderson and Miss Amanda Jakuboski, Natalie’s teachers, Luzerne County


At Hildebrandt, our vision is to facilitate the development of early care and education environments that recognize, treat, and respect all learners as valuable individuals and members of our society. The mission of our center is to partner with families of our children and collaborating with other early childhood professionals and community resource to enhance the development and learning of each child through age-appropriate curriculum, play, individualized assessments, and nurturing relationships.


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