JoshuaGu-BucksHow to Be a Shining Star like Joshua G.

By Tina DePativo

Come to Jolly Toddlers not saying “Hello” to anyone.

Make transitions into different classrooms all the while working on social, fine motor, and grow motor skills.

Make friends by playing nice and giving hugs.

Develop a love for dancing and singing making anything into a drum set, and drumming for all to hear.

Become fascinated with going on the computer, playing “Duck, Duck, Goose,” and building awesome towers with blocks.

Always respond with a “Thank You” when given something.

JoshuaGu-Bucks-artTake delight in looking at books and making up his own interpretations.

Always bring a grin to Ms. Tina’s face when he just laughs and wants to play tag on the playground.

Now come Jolly Toddlers with an enthusiastic “Hello” for his friends and teachers.

Watch his progression unfold, and know that he truly is a Shining Star.


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