Jayla W. is an Allegheny County Shining Star

Jayla’s eagerness to learn at STAR 4 Small World ELD Center has paid off as she is doing wonderful in kindergarten.

I would love to nominate Jayla W. to continue being a Shining Star for all to see. Jayla shines for many reasons. She is not only beautiful on the outside but the inside as well. She is well mannered, considerate, creative and a hard worker. She is spunky but knows when and where to be spunky. Her empathetic heart that cares for others is tremendously big. She loves her family, friends, and teachers she has had. Her creativity, whether it be an art activity, a dance, or homework assignment, she gives 100%. Her eagerness to learn has paid off because she is doing wonderful in kindergarten.

Jayla started school at the STAR 4 Small World Early Learning and Development Center 2 in 2007 and graduated the PA Pre-K Counts program in 2011. She went in extremely shy and wouldn’t speak to anyone. She graduated speaking in front of a room of people. The program made Jayla blossom into a social butterfly. I want to recognize her teachers and the director of the center Lynne Geidel for working with Jayla and letting her come into her own. Lynne did not try to force her to talk or express that Jayla needed intervention. She truly understands children.

Lynne, LaShauna (Jayla’s mom), and I worked together on Jayla’s education. I believe that learning begins at home and school extends that learning. So we worked together by communicating what we were working on with Jayla and Lynne would let us know what her class was working on. She was always doing something extraordinary for the children and Jayla would come home and tell us what they did for the day. For example, the week of Dr. Seuss’ birthday they painted hats shaped like his. They read stories by him. They ate green eggs and ham. On Dr. Seuss’ birthday they wore their hats, made cookie ice cream, and gummy life saver hats, and took lots of pictures.

From the day she was born six years ago she has blessed me with her presence and talents. Jayla loves learning and was reading sight words at the age of 2 ½. She is now a fluent reader and speller. She enjoys doing homework as well as taking tests. Her favorite test is the spelling test. She gets a kick out of my happiness for her. I just want her to know that I am so proud of her accomplishments and to always continue to do her best. I have the extreme good fortune of telling you Jayla is a Shining Star.

Jayla Kimmyra W., Jayla’s grandmother, Allegheny County


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