Shining Stars in Westmoreland County

Discover how children in Westmoreland County are Shining Stars

Early Care Educators in Westmoreland County nominated three children in the “Shining Stars” celebration recognizing ten years of the Keystone STARS quality rating program.  While all children are “shining stars” this celebration requested stories about how quality early education has made a difference in a particular child’s life. 

The story of Kendall is a prime example of how quality teachers and education can change a child’s life and success in school. Kendall entered a Keystone STAR 3 program after struggling in several different centers. 

Her mother had become very frustrated at the number of behavior problems that her daughter was exhibiting at such a young age that required her to leave work and take Kendall home. She was seeking a center to better meet Kendall’s needs so that she could remain in her job knowing that Kendall was safe and thriving. 

In prior centers, Kendall required the assistance of an aide to help modify and control her outbursts and aggressive behavior towards herself, teachers and classmates.  When she began attending Our Buddy’s Place center staff had not dealt with her type of behavior problems; however, teachers were taught how to modify and address issues so that Kendall could begin to learn appropriate social skills and behaviors. 

Kendall’s mother has expressed her gratitude for the staff at Our Buddy’s Place changing her daughter’s life and teaching Kendall how to be kind and make friends. Kendall has just completed kindergarten and is a happy, well-adjusted little girl with friends.

All of the Shining Stars were recognized at the Early Care Director’s Dinner held on May 16th.  Kendall attended along with staff from Our Buddy’s Place.  In an adult atmosphere with very little to capture a young child interest, Kendall indeed shone!  She behaved like a perfect young lady and was able to sit through and participate in the entire four hour program proving that quality early education does make a difference.



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